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Who We Are

If you think nothing’s changed in the financial sector, you’ve not been paying attention.

Private equity has been through a huge transformation, from having a single-minded focus on financial engineering and restructuring to forming real partnerships with strategic and operational value-creation methods across their portfolio companies.

So, why are so many financial recruitment firms still doing the same work, in the same way, as they were 20 years ago?

HighWater is here to rock the boat.


We're unashamedly progressive

Who We Are

Our industry has been fast waking up to the importance of building diverse and inclusive teams across lines of ethnicity and race, gender, age, thought, skills, experience, and beyond.

With record levels of capital raised, and the absence of a "peak" number of Private Equity firms in existence globally, the competition for acquisition targets and talent continues to intensify. 

Your true value has always centered around your people, but now this matters more than ever because your big differentiator in a pool of endlessly increasing competition is your ability to attract and retain great talent.


Why We Are Different

Historically, a recruiter would look at skills and experience only, but this approach is not going to give you the edge you need to thrive in the new world. You need someone who can look further, to find those people who can relate to others, challenge leaders, solve problems and create sustainable solutions. To get this right, you need to approach your talent-sourcing strategy in a socially aware, flexible, and creative manner.

These days, it’s not enough to work with a recruitment partner who’ll simply say yes to whatever you ask for. You need someone who’ll push back, to make you more effective.

And those people you need to hire have been changing too. They're no longer purely motivated by financial gain, but are increasingly purpose-driven, wanting to contribute towards a better world. To make the grade in their eyes, your company must embody purpose and values. If you don’t, you’ll lose that talent to those who do.

Two Men in Office

How We Can Help You

In the age of automation, ghosting, and quick wins - we see how important it is to double down on being human. To do work that sticks, approaching problems with long-term solutions.


By forming more profound and more genuine relationships with our market, both candidate and client side, we can deliver what you need. Whether or not you’re already aware of what this is.


We operate in full transparency and we’re always happy to educate our partners and to be educated ourselves. That way, we can help you make informed decisions while positioning yourself in a way that’ll help you attract the company or candidate that will help you reach your goals.

Some companies we've helped include

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