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Talent to meet your potential

Intelligent Financial Recruitment

In the financial world, your performance depends on the quality of talent you can attract and retain. Most leaders would never knowingly agree to their talent sourcing strategy being put down to chance, but that’s exactly what happens when you engage recruiters who employ the “hit and hope for the best” method.


At HighWater Search, we exist to transform the way global financial firms find and keep elite talent. Our approach shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it is. We take the time to build meaningful relationships, then leverage our network and market intelligence to connect you with the talent that can take your business further.

We don’t simply fill your roles, we bring in the talent that defines their direction.

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We believe we bring the most value to the companies we partner with because of our extreme focus on the market which we support. We source and attract talented investment professionals from the Associate level to Partner with private investment managers in the UK and Nordics.

Our partners operate in:

Private Equity  | Venture Capital | Growth Equity | Private Credit  |  Family Offices

London City


I joined a leading Nordic midmarket private equity firm [as an Associate] after a rigorous, four month recruitment process. Henry is to be thanked for this whole maneuvre as I wasn't proactively looking for new opportunities and at first was hesitant to participate in any process. Henry convinced me to take part in the first phases.


Later on, he absorbed the role of a mentor and was the sounding board in all matters related to the process. Henry was proactive, clear and efficient in his communication, and also well available.

Podcast launching soon!

Our mission is to educate and attract. We firmly believe that with more information and insight into the investment world, we can help highlight the benefits, and contribute to more informed career choices for those wishing to make an impact.

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